9ft Maxifloat Topper: George Curry, West Newbiggin, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland

The main reason why George Curry decided to buy the 9ft Maxifloat is because it’s offset。 The Northumberland farmer’s old topper ran directly behind the tractor。 “But with this new one being off to the side, it means we’re not trampling over the stuff we’re trying to cut,” he adds。

Having used it for two seasons, topping about 200 acres per year, he describes it as a “good, strong and simple machine”。

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8ft Topper: Eltringham Farm, Stocksfield, Northumberland

8ft: Arnold Harrison, of Eltringham Farm, Stocksfield, Northumberland

Arnold Harrison’s new 8ft Abbey topper has to cope with some tricky terrain on Eltringham Farm in the Tyne valley.

As well as 90 acres of arable land which is farmed on a contract share, most of the 120 acres of grassland on Eltringham Farm is on a grazing licence to Arnold’s son Thomas who has pedigree Herefords。

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