Slurry Preparation Technology

Slurry preparation technology

We currently run a Tornado 4000 and a MK2 Aggitator and have been using Abbey pumps for 20 years. They are built to last, have unique heavy duty design, have excellent output to prepare slurry efficeintly for spreading – even under the toughest conditions”, Bobby, Hynes & Sons,Gurteen, Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, Ireland.

High Output Side Spreaders

High output Side Spreaders

I’ve used both Side Spreaders and Rear Discharge Spreaders. But my Rear Discharge Spreader brought me problems, especially on hilly ground as the weight of the muck moved to the back of the spreader, which lifted the tractor, causing traction to be lost from the wheels of the tractor.

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The Full Abbey Range

The full Abbey range

We’ve been using Abbey machinery for the past 30 years. We invest in Abbey Diet Feeders, Slurry Tankers, Toppers and Fertiliser Spreaders because Abbey listen to our needs and match our requirements on farm; as an Irish Company they understand Irish Farmers needs and they have unrivalled attention to detail, with a strong resale value”, Desmond Fennell, son Jonathan and brother Nigel, Beech Lodge, Ballyhide , Co。 Carlow, Ireland。

High Output Tanker

High Output Tanker

The Abbey Tri-Axle Tanker is so versatile, manoeverably, productive (high output capacity) and all with less field compaction. It one of the best investments I’ve made to my business”, Donal Maher, Drangan, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.