New 10.5m Slurry Applicators

Abbey Machinery have a range of Slurry Applicators to significantly reduce ammonia emissions, efficiently apply nutrients to the crop and reduce purchased chemical fertiliser costs. Machines in the range include Vertical Trailing Shoe, Tri-App Trailing Shoe, Band Spreaders and Disc Injectors. The benefits of these machines are the method they deliver the slurry onto the soil to harness value, reduce rotation period, reduce carbon emissions, minimise crop contamination and reduce smell.

Abbey Machinery Ltd., leaders in the field of slurry management [...]

bbin体育Rickerby’s Spring Show 2020

Rickerby Spring Show is a annual show that takes place in March each year. This year was a very special one as Rickerby’s celebrated 140 years in business and still going strong. Rickerby’s had their full array of machines on display at their Carlisle depot, with dedicated areas for all their suppliers to show case their products.The weather was good for the time of year and was certainly a reprieve from all the rain.

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New Technologies from Abbey Machinery

Multi-Stage Arm 

Time is money, so to speak. Getting the slurry tanker filled quickly helps to get more loads done per day and also reduces the physical task in loading slurry. Abbey Machinery have listened to their customers and have launched a new 8” (200mm) Multi-Stage-Arm. This arm can be operated from the comfort of the tractor cab (so, there is no physical handling of the hose pipes). Its unique modular system makes it extremely versatile.

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