1,000 Loads and Going Strong

Kevin is a very busy man. He runs a 220 cow dairy farm (7,500L cows), along with a Landscaping & Plant Hire business. His focus is on healthy animals, labour optimisation and farm profitability.

“We have a long, outdoor feeding area and I wanted to reduce feeding time, improve cow performance and be able to mix various feeds. Two years ago, I decided to start diet feeding. I did a lot of research and looked at all the main brands available. In the end, I purchased an Abbey VF2450 Diet Feeder because

it was very well built, would do the job I needed and I was going to get good local support from the dealer (Abbey Retail)。 Since getting the machine it has been great。 We are currently feeding zero grazed grass, baled silage, hay and ration and these feeds are well mixed in the feeder。 There is no sorting at the trough and the animals are very content。 We have done over 1,000 loads and we haven’t had an issue”, remarks Kevin。

Kevin Hogan (Tipperary, Ireland)