20% Increase in Milk Solids from a Combination of VF2850 and Good Nutrition Advice

Ken Lupton is an impressive young farmer with big ambitions. He runs a dairy farm outside Waverley with large Friesian cows. He has over 1000 cows and block calves three times per year, with the main bunch calving at spring time to coincide with optimum grass growth. He invested in an Abbey VF2850 in 2015 to buffer feed his cows while at grass. Before going onto the Abbey Feeder his milk solids were 460kg/cow/year. Within one year of getting the Abbey Feeder his milk solids have improved to 550kg/cow/year. This he believes if from a combination of the unique mixing ability of the Abbey and his Nutritionist Tracey McGowan (local Nutrition Consultant).

The buffer diet is made up of grass silage, hay, maize silage, molasses, straw, palm kernel, minerals and water to optimise the mix consistency. The feeder is being driven by a 165HP Claas Tractor and going forward he will have a dedicated tractor for the feeder. At peak the feeder does 6 loads per day. When ground conditions allow he puts the buffer feed under the fence in the paddock. He likes the fact the wheels have a steering axle and that means he does not tract the field while the machine is turning.

Going forward he plans to put up a concrete apron and buffer feed there。 He is also considering Lely robotic milking unit or a rotary robotic milking unit。