Well Balanced and Easy to Tow 3000g Tanker

Matt and Josh Stanton live in the very impressive plains of Southern Alps near Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand. They run 900 cows with milk solids of 500kg/cow/year. This is the upper limit of where they want to go as they believe higher milk solids that put too much pressure on the cow and they are less healthy and are harder to go in calf.

The have an interesting system that separates the solids from the liquids. The heavier liquids are spread to pasture through an Abbey 3000T tanker. “This machine is well balanced, easy to tow, runs with our 110HP tractor and the axle means we never smear the ground while turning in the paddocks. We like the way the tanker pulls through the chassis and this along with the weight sensing leaf spring means it is very nice to tow behind the tractor while empty or full” remarks Josh.