2500 Gallon Tanker Fills in 3 Minutes

Greg Morris from Sefton, North Centerbury, South Island, New Zealand is currently at an expansion phase on his dairy farm having increased cow numbers by 30% to 360 over the past year. This has involved infrastructural changes and management changes to facilitate the higher work load. He invested in an Abbey Tandem axle 2500 tanker with a 6 inch auto fill arm for added convenience while loading.

“She is a great tanker and can go anywhere I want with the Tandem axle steering wheels. The tanker only takes 3 minutes to load and roughly the same to empty with our inverted splash plate out in the field. Really the only time involved is going to and from the paddock”, remarks Greg. He spreads about 10 loads every 14 days. He would like to apply slurry via an Applicator, but does not have bracketry on the back of the tanker. He was impressed to hear that Abbey will shortly have a solution for this.