2100 Side Spreader: Sarah Russell and Kenneth Graham, Orchard Farm, Hawick, Scottish Borders

Sarah Russell and Kenneth Graham farm beef cattle near Hawick in the Scottish Borders. They’ve had several different brands of spreader over the years, but the Abbey 2100 they bought from Rickerby in 2017 is by far the best.

“In the past, we’ve had a Fraser and a Marshall,” says Sarah. “We were using a Fleming before this one. We’d had it for a few years and we were pleased with it, but the Abbey is probably the best quality spreader we’ve ever had.”

This is the pair’s first Abbey spreader. “We came to Rickerby’s 2017 Spring Show and saw the spreaders there. The price was right – it was good value for money – it was a quality product and we got a good trade-in.”

The spreader is used every day during the winter. “We spread muck from the muck heap and, in winter, we scrape the cubicles every day, so the fresh muck gets spread as well. And it’s excellent at spreading both. We’re delighted with it; it’s a really good spreader.”

Sarah, who had never bought anything from Rickerby before, says she was also very impressed with the service they got. “Neil’s attention to detail when he was checking what sort of spreader we’d need was excellent. We’d certainly come to Rickerby first if we were looking for anything else.”