2250 Side Spreader: Robert Cowperthwaite, Stockdale Farm, Settle, North Yorkshire

Robert Cowperthwaite is hoping his new Abbey spreader is going to save him both time and diesel.

He runs a livestock farm near Settle in North Yorkshire with his wife Lindsey and son Sam. They have about 1,000 sheep and 110 suckler cows.

A lot of their land is located some distance from the home farm, so Robert wanted a large spreader; he didn’t want to have to be driving up and down the road to refill.

So he opted for an Abbey 2250 which, he says, was the largest flail side spreader he could find.

“We didn’t want a rear-discharge machine,” he says. “And we didn’t want a double-axle machine either. We had a ten cubic metre, double-axle Fraser before the Abbey. But because it had four wheels on it, it used to make a mess when it went round corners.

“We’ve had bigger wheels put on the Abbey to make it easier to pull during these wet winters we’re having now.”