VF1500 Diet Feeder: Gordon Meek, Eland Hall Farm, Ponteland, Northumberland

Eland Hall Farm had been using a paddle mixer for 20 years, but when it came to buying a new one, there were several factors that persuaded Gordon Meek to go for an Abbey tub mixer.

“The cost difference was quite significant and the reliable service we get from Rickerby was another important factor,” he says. “The Abbey’s also quicker at chopping and mixing big bales.”

The arable and livestock farm houses about 250 cattle through the winter. “So there’s quite a bit of feeding to be done,” Gordon adds. “We finish cattle as well as having our own suckler cows.”

The VF1500 meets the farm’s needs in terms of its simplicity and manoeuvrability. “I didn’t want anything too complicated – with elevators at the front, back or side. This one’s very simple; it’s just got the door on the side which works for all the feeding troughs on our farm. And it does the job well. I did try a few demonstrators of other types, but in the end I plumped for the Abbey.”