3000R Slurry Tanker: Martin Watson, Moorhouse Farm, Wigton, Cumbria

Having owned an Abbey tanker for 14 years, dairy farmer Martin Watson had no hesitation in buying a second one when he decided he needed to get the slurry on to the fields quicker.

“We have about 180 adult cows and probably the same again in youngstock,” he says。 “We house them all year round, so we cut a lot of grass for silage。 We don’t have long to get the slurry out before the grass has grown too much, so we wanted a second tanker to get the job done quicker。

“It was the reliability of the old one that persuaded us to get another Abbey – that and the build quality.”

Martin farms in partnership with his mum and dad Malcolm and Jean。 His brother Phillip works on the farm part-time and his wife Karen is also involved。 They have about 270 acres in total。