Early Spring Pasture Management

Having a blue moon is a rare sight that we were blessed with in January this year, but now as we creep slowly into spring, day length will lengthen, grass will start to take on a greener colour and temperatures will rise. 
This is a good time to prepare pastures for the year ahead. Grass that was closed off early last autumn should be the most advanced on farms at this stage.

Pasture management:
– Apply nitrogen to kick start grass for the year ahead (E.g. 30-50 units/acre).
– Apply slurry at levels dictated by yours field requirements and cropping history.

Slurry Management:
– Ensure slurry is adequately agitated to facilitate rapid mixing and better spreading.
– Add water into slurry to speed up mixing time.
– Apply slurry where possible through a Slurry Applicator. This presents the slurry below the crop canopy. This therefore ensure the grass is not tainted, so rotation length is minimised. It is a true benefit that it harnesses more of the nitrogen from the slurry. 
– Soil compaction – this must be minimised. Factors affecting this include load weight, wheel width, wheel size, wheel lugs locations and depth, weather at time of application, wheel pressure etc.
– Flow control to apply precise quantities of slurry.

Abbey have specialist knowledge of Manure management, with 38 Tanker model sizes, ranging from single axle to tri-axle, standard to recess tankers, a board range of application technologies – including DM Band Spreader, Trailing Shoe, Tri-App and many other muck spreading machines.

Abbey’s retrofittable DM Band Spreader

6000g Tri-Axle Slurry Tanker