VF2850 has helped us to raise the bar

Davin has an impressive set up with 700 cows. He previously had paddle and horizontal feeders, and after lots of research looking at various other makes and brands available, he purchased the Abbey VF2850 with front cross conveyor (slat and chain) 18 months ago to open up feeding option on farm and make milk output and solids more consistent.  He is very pleased with the results. He feeds silage, maize, hay, minerals, palm kernel and water when required. Davins comments “this is an awesome machine, the steering axle makes it very easy to manoeuvre around the yard, gives and excellent mix and we haven’t missed a feed since we got her”. He’s gone from 3.5t feed per cow to 2 tons per cow and performance has remained the same. He grows chickery as a cash crop to complement grass duting the summer months and can have the cows in grazing it in situ 60 days post sowing.

Davin has an interesting side business. He has 3 helicopters for spraying grass, tillage and vegetables. By using various nozzles, water volumes and application rates he can spray up to 120ha/hour in boom widths from 12-30m wide. He is very passionate about what he does and has a very futuristic approach to his business. Davin Mudford, Otorohunga, Waikato Region