Abbey Tanker and Tri-App milking 350 cows

Abbey Machinery Tanker and Tri-App

Stuart Honeyfield, Waitrow farms with his son and milks 350 cows. They run an impressive dairy enterprise and  purchased an Abbey Tanker and Tri-App. Both he and his sons think it is fantastic (completely changed his slurry usage). Some of the benefits they see with the Tri-App include:

  • Speed and precision of application
  • Not covering grass with the slurry so there is a shorter rotation
  • Far less smell during and after application as the slurry is applied below the grass canopy.
  • Better quality grass post application and the grass greens up quicker after application.

In relation to the build quality of the Abbey 2500 gallon recess tanker Stuart says it has “excellent build quality on the machine, the boots on the Tri-App Applicator are brilliant and deliver the slurry in neat lines on the soil below the grass and the Tanker tows well behind the tractor”。