Summer Grassland Management

In terms of Grassland Management this is an important time of the year to help maintain grass quality for the remainder of the season. Integral to this is grass budgeting, walking your grassland daily and planning for current and future grazing needs. Take account for silage ground and when it comes back in to the grazing platform and match this against all the requires of your animals on your farm. As grass gets strong take out paddocks for silage and apply fertilise according to your grazing needs.

Slurry is becoming more and more of a valuable asset and a way of reducing fertiliser bills. When applying slurry through an Abbey Vertical Trailing Shoe or Tri-App Applicator this has the added benefit of shortening the window for re-grazing, as the slurry is applied below the grass does not get contaminated with slurry.

bbin体育Managing weeds at pasture is key to getting the most from every acre you have. Weeds like docks reduce grazing area, shade out grass, reduce yield and have a far lower feeding value than grass. The judicious use of a Topper helps to manage re-growth, takes out dung pads and reduces weed burdens. Abbey have an excellent range of 6-9ft Toppers.



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