3500 Slurry Tanker: Mains Farm, Gifford, East Lothian

3500 Slurry Tanker: Simon McCreery, of Yester Mains Farm, Gifford, East Lothian

Simon McCreery runs a busy dairy farm in East Lothian. As well as milking about 400 cows and growing 150 acres of arable crops, the business sells its own dairy products under the Yester Farm Dairies brand. Milk, creams, soft cheeses and cultured creams such as crème fraiche, sour cream and low-fat natural yogurt are all produced on site.

To help improve efficiency on the farm, the business recently took delivery of an Abbey 3500 tanker.

“We needed more capacity,” Simon explains. “Our old machine had a 2,300-gallon capacity; this one has 3,500 gallons. The Abbey also has an auto-filler on it, so we can fill and unload a lot quicker. We’re shifting 10,000 gallons per hour now as opposed to 6,500 with the old one. It’s saving us time and money.

“It’s got a dribble bar as well, so we’re not losing anything to the atmosphere – we’re getting it down into the grass and soil instead. That was a bit of extra cost, but it’s worth it.”

The tanker is fitted with sprung tandem, self-steer axles; a parabolic, weight-sensing sprung drawbar; hydraulic brakes; a wide-angled PTO shaft; mudguards and LED lights。

bbin体育Simon doesn’t operate the tanker himself, but he says his tractor man is “delighted” with it。 “It’s made a big difference,” he adds。 “It’s got good flotation tyres on it too, so there’s not much ground compaction。”