4500RT Slurry Tanker (Centivac): Bowness-on-Solway, Cumbria

4500RT (Centivac): Evans Agricultural Contractors Ltd, of Bowness-on-Solway, Cumbria

The floods of December 2015 put the 4500RT to the test almost as soon as Evans Agricultural Contractors took delivery of it。

“When we first got it, it was in Carlisle for about two months cleaning up,” says David Evans, who runs the Bowness-on-Solway business.

“There was a lot of silt lying about on roads after the water went down and we were flushing things off using the tanker.”

But David’s main reason for choosing this 4,300-gallon tanker was because of the work he does with the anaerobic digester at Silloth.

“We wanted a bigger tanker: we do a lot of work with the digester and there’s a lot of stuff to lead out down there。 They’ve got about 400 acres of their own land。 We got the rain gun because it allows us to keep the job going even in the winter when the fields down there get fairly wet。”

Abbey recently updated and extended its range of recess tandem tankers to offer greater flexibility in running larger flotation tyres while maintaining a narrow overall width.

Not only does this keep ground compaction to a minimum, particularly while moving over wet ground, but it also means the tankers are easy to transport along narrow country lanes. 

David appreciates this flexibility. “It’s spot on,” he says. “For the size of it, it travels well behind the tractor. And the flotation tyres definitely help on the wet ground.”

Evan’s Agricultural Contractors Abbey 4500RT Tanker