2100 Twin Tub Feeder: Liscoe Farm, near Preston, Lancashire

2100 Twin Tub: Alan Parkinson, of Liscoe Farm, near Preston, Lancashire

When Liscoe Farm near Preston in Lancashire started expanding its dairy herd, it needed a bigger feeder – and the Abbey 2100 Twin Tub fit the bill perfectly.

As well as a few sheep, the farm has nearly 600 cows, so the machine has its work cut out for it.

The vertical mixer has the capacity to hold up to 21 cubic metres and can handle all animal feed ingredients, including beet, hay, straw and silage.

Farmer Alan Parkinson likes this versatility. “It’s super,” he says. “It mixes well. We can drop big bales or anything in it: nothing’s too much work for it.”

Parkinson Abbey 2100 Twin Tub Feeder