VF1250 Diet Feeder: Kilngate Farm, Welton, Cumbria

VF1250: EI & JL Metcalf, of Kilngate Farm, Welton, Cumbria  

Simon Metcalf is over the moon with his new Abbey feeder。 Not only does it do a good job, but it’s saving him money – a vital consideration at a time when dairy farmers are struggling to make a profit。

“It’s brilliant,” he says. “It makes a perfect mix for the cows, it’s a quick mixing machine and it’s handy, just the right height for our buildings. We had another brand before and it’s a lot better than that one. Because we’re on forage box silage, it chops it a lot better and it saves us a lot of fuel as well because it doesn’t need to mix it for as long.

bbin体育“We’ve got a sliding conveyor which slides up to the barrier – and that’s perfect. It’s the right machine for the job. We’re very happy with it.”

Simon had been farming near Blackpool for 13 years, but returned to his home county of Cumbria last summer. At the time of the move, they reduced their dairy herd from 120 to 70 milkers.