2090 Muck Spreader: Yealand Manor Farm, Yealand Conyers, Lancashire

2090 Muck Spreader: Matthew Allen, of Yealand Manor Farm, Yealand Conyers, Lancashire

Just south of Cumbria’s border with Lancashire lies Yealand Manor Farm, a 400-acre livestock unit。 As well as about 400 ewes, the farm has suckler cows, housing about 90 animals, including steers and calves, over the winter。

“We decided on the Abbey 2090 spreader because it’s about the size for what we had in mind and it was the right price,” says Matthew Allen.

“We wanted something basic because we just load straight out of the shed, and then spread it when it’s full and when the weather allows. We’re not spreading huge amounts of muck.”

This is the farm’s first Abbey spreader and it’s been performing well since they took delivery of it。