3000R Slurry Tanker: Gelt Bridge, Brampton, Cumbria

When Thomas Fisher saw the Abbey 3000R, he realised it was the perfect tanker for his dairy farm at Gelt Bridge near Brampton in Cumbria。

“The specification was right for what we wanted, it looked well built and it was the right price,” he says. “We wanted a 3,000-gallon tanker with a single axle. The pump, the auto-fill, the flotation tyres – they all fit the bill. We’ve got quite light land here, but we always want the best flotation tyres on that we can.”

He bought the tanker in March 2014 to replace an old Hi-Spec model.

“It’s been first rate, no problem at all since we first got it,” he says. “We’re really pleased with it.”

Mr Fisher farms in partnership with his wife and employs between three and four additional staff。

The unit is home to 350 milk cows plus followers.