2500R Abbey Slurry Tanker

Abbey 2500R Slurry Tanker 

Taranaki agricultural contractor James Green is “absolutely rapt” with the Abbey 2500R Slurry Tanker that is about to complete its first full season in his fleet.

“The quality is right up there. It is a strong, well-built machine and is extremely reliable.  This is the first year I have run it for a whole season, and I haven’t had to do a thing to it.”

James’ company Campbell and Green Contracting provides a full range of agricultural services in the Taranaki region.

He says effluent management is a growing part of the business given the need for dairy farmers to meet tightening regulations around effluent storage and disposal。

bbin体育“I got into effluent spreading around three years ago, but hired a tanker in the first year to make sure it was something I wanted to continue with.  Now it’s a big part of the business. We do a lot of pond emptying and effluent spreading onto pasture paddocks, and are particularly busy around cropping time, spreading slurry onto cultivated paddocks when the maize and turnips are going in.”

At the beginning of 2013 James started “shopping around” for a new slurry tanker, and settled on the Abbey after researching numerous makes and models.

“A friend of mine works at Power Farming Taranaki, and he recommended I take a look at the Abbey brand。 After reading some information I became highly interested, so he organised a meeting with the guys at Farmgard to discuss the best options for my operation。”

After discussing the finer points of the Abbey Recess Tanker range with Farmgard, James decided on the single axle 2500R, with 11,350 litre capacity, six inch autofill and six inch turbofill.

“I was a bit unsure at the start about having a big wheeled machine with recessed axle but now I’m extremely happy with it.”

bbin体育James had seriously considered buying a 10,000 litre tandem axle machine from another brand before deciding on the Abbey, but says a recent “big job”, where his Abbey worked alongside two of these other machines in wet conditions, proved he made the right decision。

“The double axle on these machines was like a big boat anchor and they seemed to spend more time getting stuck and having to be pulled out by a tractor and chain than they did working. We were able to drive straight in behind with the Abbey, load up and drive back out under our own steam, all day.”

James says the Abbey’s ability to work under any conditions is a big plus.

“It doesn’t make a mess in wet ground and is extremely stable on the hills。 The Abbey tanker also travels well on the roads whether it is full or empty and doesn’t bounce around。”

A filling speed of just over three minutes depending on the thickness of the slurry is another positive that makes the process, “faster, easier and more cost effective for the client”。

The Abbey Recess Tanker Range comes in five different options from 7,000 up to 13,500 litres。

Along with the standard Abbey specifications in the barrel construction, the recess range has some class-leading qualities, including full length chassis construction; a weight-sensing sprung drawbar, anti-movement internal baffles, and more。

James says he would have no hesitation recommending a machine from the Abbey Recess Slurry Tanker range to other contractors or farmers.

“I’m rapt with it and with the big increase in effluent work definitely plan to buy another one in the next couple of years, hopefully sooner。”

Campbell Green Contracting, James Green