8ft Offset Topper: Middle White Hill, Kirkwhelpington, Northumberland

8ft Offset Topper

The Robson’s 400-acre livestock farm at Middle White Hill at Kirkwhelpington in Northumberland runs to an altitude of 800ft above sea level。

And, as Kevin Robson explains, the ground gets steadily worse the higher you get。 “Some of the rigs are quite savage,” he says。

So, they decided to buy an Abbey 8ft offset topper.

“With the topper being trailed, we thought it would follow the rigging in the fields that we’ve got. And it does. You can adjust the height as you’re going along a lot easier than with the three-point linkage topper.

“The old topper was taking the tops off before you could get it high enough; with the trailed one, because of the wheels and the hydraulics, it’s just about instant and it isn’t doing as much damage.”

He adds: “The rough ground can be hard on the booms, but we used the new machine across pretty much the whole farm in its first few months and we haven’t had any bother with it at all.”

Kevin and his dad Alf both say that the topper, which is doing a good job, has proved to be value for money.
The Robson’s have 600 breeding sheep and between 45 and 50 suckler cows with followers.